The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Video Emma & Lydia Playing With Their Crazy Ball

Here’s a little video of our friends Emma and Lydia on Youtube playing with their battery operated ball. It rolls everywhere, and drives them crazy. They are both Ruby’s, and are rescues, they belong to Sandy and Grant Liser, attorneys in Ft Worth, If it doesn’t appear below you can watch it at this link […]

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Emma and Lydia

This is Emma and Lydia Liser, they are rescues, their parents are Grant and Sandy Liser, they are daddy’s friends in ft worth. The liser’s are lawyers. Now don’t get panicked, daddy doesn’t usually associate with hoodlums, thugs, or lawyers, but these people are real nice daddy says, and we like Lydia and Emma. But […]

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Emma And Lydia Liser, Our Friends

These are our new friends, Emma and Lydia Liser. they are both rubies. They belong to Grant and Sandy Liser. They are both rescues. You can look at other rescues available at the Cavalier Rescue site.

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