The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Those are BIG Bones!

What a treat! Daddy brought home some really big bones. we love big bones, and can carry them around and chew on them for days. BUT.. OH NO.. Daddy scrapes all the "good stuff" off of them. He also watches to make sure we dont chew too much of them or that they don’t get […]

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Can We Buy Bones With This Money Daddy?

Can we buy bones with the money daddy? We so want some bones. Daddy is such a curmudgeon unless its for a new electronic gadget or a new shirt. It’s not right. We are fixing to go to Mickey d’s, we go there every morning, Daddy lets us have the bun, he eats the good […]

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This Isn’t Funny Daddy!Halloween Gag?!

Daddy played a trick on us at this Halloween Graveyard, as you can see. He says not to worry, if he’s hit by a bus, he has left us bone money. We hope its enough, cause we like biscuits and bones. Willie says daddy is a curmudgeon, and will only leave us $20 or so, […]

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