The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

We Love Hanging Out Of The Car Window!

We love hanging out of the window in daddy’s car. He always ties our leashes back, so we cant jump. People smile at us a lot. Daddy puppy proofs all the cars, cause he says we are messy boogers. That’s Dixie she hogs all the air, this is a Ferrari daddy says, it sounds GOOD! […]

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We Get Comfy In The Car!

We love to go bye-bye. Daddy takes us everywhere with him, and we especially look forward to going to work every morning. We like to look out the window when the car slows down, but just lay on the seat and get comfy when we are on the freeway. Lucas is with us here This […]

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Lucas Chills In The Car!

Lucas our foster brother from the Waco puppy mill bust likes to chill in the car, laying his head on everyone or anything. He sure is sweet. He likes the Bentley GTC best, but likes the Audi R8 cause its fast, but its kinda’ small. He likes the Audi R8 shifter

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