The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

Cavalier Rescue has Puppies!

here are the pictures of Mini Penny and her new puppies born yesterday. You can rescue a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by contacting the national rescue organization

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Daddy, Whats In That Briefcase?! Do Puppies Come From Briefcases?

Daddy, what is in that briefcase? Willie says puppies can come in briefcases. We never know when we are gonna get another rescue foster brother or sister, and we aren’t sure about that briefcase! Our neighbor, Fido, says his daddy carries money in the ‘case, and his daddy is a ‘gangsta, but we know daddy […]

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We Have Lots of Cavalier Friends!

We have lots of cavalier friends, and people bring their cavalier babies by to meet us cause they’ve heard about us! This is a black and tan friend we made, but I cant remember her name, but her parents brought her by to meet us!  

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