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Bentley Is About Ready for Adoption

Bentley is just about ready for adoption. We’ve had him some number of weeks now, and he is about ready to go.

Bentley is a male ruby, about 1.5 years old, but acts much older. He is VERY sweet, and not jumpy like an 18 month old puppy. He is 90% housebroken, and as you can see in the pictures, he sits real pretty. He has already learned to eat ONLY when I say go, and he eats and interacts well with the other dogs. He also knows not to sit in the driver seat of the car, and only exit on the passenger side. He goes everywhere with us. He likes to play with Lance, who is about his age, but otherwise he just chills and stays close to his foster daddy. He has a beautiful coat, and weighs about 18 pounds, and I dont expect him to get much if any bigger, so he’s about normal in weight and size. When we got him, he was diagnosed with heartworms, but has had his first treatment, and will have his second treatment July 5. We will know for sure shortly thereafter if he is heartworm negative, i.e., no heartworms. He was spayed a few weeks ago, that went well. He gets a bath every Friday along with the rest of the babies. I am his foster, to adopt him please visit the Cavalier rescue site and fill out a rescue application. he is excited to begin parent interviews and meet you, and we will miss him, but then we can save another Cavalier. Dont forget you can click the images to download full size pictures. You will find more pictures of Bentley here, just type "Bentley" in the search field, and you will also find pictures of him on our Spoiled Cavaliers Facebook page, where we have over 1,000 fans. We hope you will become a fan too, and post pictures of your Cavaliers.





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