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Babies Video Jan-Feb 2010

This is a compiled video of Dixie, Willie and Lance, you can see it here on you tube if it doesn’t appear below. Its fun, its got a lot of little snippets including rescues and Arthur.

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  • Barbara Banks on April 6, 2010

    Dear Willie, Dixie and of course, Lance!
    Last night I watched your video at the Three Dog Bakery and today the video at the indoor dog park. When your former foster brother, Nicky (Lucky), heard you barking, he raced into the room and tried to find you! He thought you were outside. I tried to show him the pictures on the computer but he was sure you were here. He remembers you and would love to see you again some day. I promised him we would do that on one of our trips to TX.

    Nicky and I are taking private training lessons now in the hope that he will stop running away from me when he goes after the geese and ducks and bunnies. He has run away six times in the five months that he has been my little boy. I know now how he ended up on a street in Ft. Worth. He runs as fast as a greyhound! He is my precious angel and I’m determined that he is not leaving me!

    We love all your stories and videos!

    Barbara and Nicky

  • Pam B. in CT on April 7, 2010

    Note to Barbara: I truly hope that you are only letting him loose in a fenced in area!!! The hardest thing to do when you truly love your Cavalier is to keep them leashed unless they are fenced in.

  • Barbara Banks on April 7, 2010

    Hi Pam,
    He actually slipped out the door three times when we were visiting TX and my mother’s caregivers just forgot about him but he did it to me as well. The worst time was two weeks ago when he jumped in the air, gave a twist and got out of his “step in” harness to chase the geese. That day he raced across the golf course and made it to a busy street before a jogger caught him. He is now in a different harness and I’m constantly on guard. We are taking private training lessons as well. I never let him off leash–never will! My last Cavalier was not a runner but I never let him off leash either. It’s just too scary. I’m actually very neurotic about him. He is a dear, wild little fellow!

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