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Pogo Our New 3 Legged Foster Brother

Introducing Pogo, our new foster brother. He’s about 6 years old. His mommy died, and he ended up in the shelter. Pogo has 3 legs, but he thinks he has 4! He runs and plays just like a normal Cavalier, he jumps up into the car, and onto the couch to sit with daddy. And much to Dixie and Willie’s dismay, he also likes bones. He weights 14 lbs, and has a nice figure and coat. He loves to go nighty night in his crate, and is fully housebroken. He is as sweet as you can imagine, and doesn’t appear to have any personality flaws. Next week he’s going to get a full dental, daddy says he has some bad toothies, and is going to get fixed. We’re not sure what that means, but Willie says it doesn’t sound good to him. these are some of our best pictures of him, you can double click to see them full size. Contact the national Cavalier Rescue group to learn more about adopting, him. Please type “Pogo” into the search field on the blog to find more pictures and even videos of Pogo, we will be posting them in coming weeks. The lady in the picture is Kathi Sturgeon, she is the TX Rescue head lady, meaning she gets lot of hard work and no pay. Always refer to the rescue site for full information on a dog, its health or situation, information on adoption, etc, this blog is not intended to fully address everything known about a dog or the organization, and is my informal personal blog.

3 legged rescue cavalier P1000006 3 legged dog 3 legged cavalier king charles spaniel3 legged cavalier pogo 3 legged rescue dog cavalier king charles rescue P1000070 jumping 3 legged dog Here he is jumping to get a treat!

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  • Momo & Pinot on February 28, 2010

    What a beautiful Cavalier!!!

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