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Arthur Goes To His New Home!

Arthur went to his new parents. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to continue to work with him on his diet, he lost 3 pounds in 3 weeks (from 36 down to 33). He has a ways to go, clearly he will make it into the 20’s. He was so happy, and such a sweet rescue, one of the sweetest I’ve ever had. His tail wagged like crazy. In his last few days with me he managed to jump into the car by himself, a real feat for him. He never seemed hungry, never begged, and laid right under my desk all day, was very loyal and sweet. His snoring improved too! BOY COULD HE SNORE. Because of his need to lose weight, I hired a nice lady to walk the dogs, she walks everyone 2 hrs each day, they love it. She takes them in pairs or as needed, to allow them to rest if needed. Lots of places within walking distance that still need to be pee’d on, Willie says. Anyway here are the pictures of his new parents and his adoption.

021710 004 Here is his new daddy. The new parents rescued another Cavalier that was 11 years old, but lost him after 9 months.

021710 025 headed to the new home!

021710 007 Daddy, where is Arthur going?!

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  • chris on February 21, 2010

    This is truly a great and wonderful thing you are doing for CAVS!…We have (4) two blenheims and two tri’s….if i could have 10 more i would, but the wife says 4 are enough…….never met a nicer more loveable breed of dog

  • Pam B. in CT on February 22, 2010

    Glad Arthur has found his new home….but I was hoping you would decide to keep him. That way we could hear about that beautiful boy all the time!!

  • izzybella on February 26, 2010

    Hey, I recognize those people!! 🙂 That’s my dad and stepmonster. Arthur is the funniest, cutest little thing. If his snoring has actually improved, I think i would have hated to hear it three pounds ago. He currently sounds kind of like a freight train. Only maybe a little louder. We are walking together and working on his weight loss. Turns out he’s helping me too, as i could stand to lose a few pounds. Thanks for fostering him till we could bring him home.

  • Fred on March 8, 2010

    Just thought you might appreciate an update on Arthur. He is adapting well to his new forever home. It took a little time for his new sister (Opal, a yellow lab) to settle in with this handsome boy who wanted to take attention and love away from her. But it didn’t take long for her to figure out there is plenty of love and attention for everyone. Arthur is now microchipped, and today is at the vet for his dental work. Today, he weighed in at 28.5 pounds. So he continues to loose some of his excess weight.

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