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Arthur Our New Foster Brother

Arthur is out new foster brother. he is a 4 year old Blenheim male. His mommy got old, and was unable to care for him, and couldn’t remember when she had fed him or measure his food, plus she may have given him a pinch or 2 of table food. Anyway, he got a little overweight. We are proud of his mommy for giving him up, as she knew he was gaining too much weight and she just couldn’t take care of him properly. He weighs 36 lbs. We have him on a diet, and he has lost 1.2 pounds the first week. His ideal weight we believe is likely to be 22-26 lbs, but don’t know for sure. He is so happy and playful. He has a beautiful coat, typical for 4 years, and much better than many rescues that have been mistreated on malnourished. He loves running and playing. He snores, but we think that will go away as he approaches his optimal weight. He is house broken, knows how to use the doggie door, and loves sleeping in his crate. He sits real pretty too daddy says. He eats perfectly with the other babies, though he eats slow (a good thing). Here are some good pictures, he got a nice bath today. All of us here get a bath every Friday, ’cause daddy says we get to stinking otherwise. We think its mostly Willie that stinks, ’cause he toots daddy says. You can visit the rescue site and fill out an application to adopt Arthur or another wonderful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Arthur is our first foster in 2010, we had 11 in 2009, and Dixie gets attitude cause she says daddy is all hers and the bones don’t go as far. But we loved them all. You can find other pictures of Arthur as days go on, just type in Arthur in the search field on the blog we will post updates. Daddy says we are ‘gonna enter him in the biggest loser, but daddy is so full of crap. Last week he said we were ‘gonna go to Petco then he welched on us. 

DSCF2017 DSCF2012


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