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Cavalier Fun Fest Event!

Each year the local Cavalier people have a fun fest. All of our cousins, aunts, uncles, and other relatives show up, hundreds of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and their parents. its a lot of fun, and the rescue group always has a big showing. Our Mommy, Kathi Sturgeon, is the coordinator for the rescue group in TX, she put up a nice tent and welcomes everyone. Here are some of the pictures. You should click on the link to the rescue site, and adopt a Cavalier, or send a donation. Willie and Dixie are both rescues.

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!cid_F7D27DAF8C294F66B0E0D8C614877A06@kath01 These are our direct relatives, (well maybe not), but they all live together. That’s Madison, Megan (she was real sick with GME a neurological disease a year ago but is better), Mia, and McKenzie.

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  • Barbara Banks on November 27, 2009

    Dear Willie and Dixie,
    I’m your foster brother, Nicky. Do you remember me? You called me Lucky and I am very lucky! I love Colorado and the snow! My mommy says I am such a dear little fellow but like Lance–a ring tail toot! I make her life very interesting and a lot of fun! I loved being with you as your foster brother, Lucky. I hope to get to see you during the Christmas holidays as a trip to TX is planned. My mommy reads about you every morning, first thing! She shows me your pictures and I think you get to have a lot of adventures with your Daddy!
    Love, Nicky

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