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Lucas Our Sweet New Foster

Lucas is our sweet new rescue. He’s a ruby male, about 2 years old. He weight 12 lbs, and is a sweetie pie. He has been checked out and is heartworm negative, and apparently in great shape. He is very playfull, and my two cavaliers get along with him great. He came from the Waco mill puppy bust. He was real shy at first but has opened up in just a few weeks. His coat is especially rich in color, and really soft. Contact Kathi Sturgeon at to get more information or fill out an adoption application. Double click to get his pictures full size, and if you search the blog using his name, you will find other pictures already posted, or to be posted in coming weeks. Please send donations to the rescue group, most dogs have much more spent on them than their adoption fee.

lucas cavalier king charles spaniel rescue

lucas kathi sturgeon cavalier rescue usa

STP80306 ron sturgeon

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  • Vivian C. on June 13, 2009

    We have submitted an application to adopt Lucas so we hope we hear back from Kathi soon! He looks precious!

  • Carolyn M. on June 13, 2009

    I too have submitted an application to Lucas. He looks like a dog you can just cuddle up with and is so warm and cozy!

  • Debbie on June 21, 2009

    How is Lucas adapting? We have a puppy mill guy that we adopted in September and he still startles at times and even though he trusts me he will still cower if I move too quickly toward him. He doesn’t hide in corners all day anymore and he meets new people cautiously but there is the residual distrust. How is Lucas progressing with people?

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