The richest, most spoiled and outrageously treated dogs in America

New Rescue Domino-renamed Lucky after surgery 01/23/08

Well, I am the latest rescue. I’ve been in a puppy mill all my life, and my teeth are rotted, and I’ve never been fixed. (whats that about? I don’t need anything but my teeth fixed, daddy talks about me like I am a car or something). Anyway, I recently went to the vet, got my teeth cleaned and had 12 extractions (that’s a nice way of saying they really messed up my mouth pulling teeth), and got my private parts cut. Yep that’s right, that’s just wrong. Anyway, it cost $20 to do one extraction, unless you are cheap like my daddy. he pays only $6, but they do it with a string tied around the tooth, then they slam the door. If that doesn’t work, they use some big pliers called vise grips. Actually, the nice people at the vets office (they are nice people, but that’s a bad place) talked him into paying the $20. But the jokes on him cause he didn’t know they would pull 12 of them. He is saving them and putting them under HIS pillow hoping the tooth fairy will bring him money. Willie believes in the tooth fairy also. Anyway, check out the rest of the story and the pictures below.

 camera-012008-003.jpg Here we are, going in the vet’s office. daddy told me it was a pet store. He is very sneaky.

camera-012008-007.jpg Then Dixie and Willie looked away, and BANG I was gone!! This really sucked.

camera-012008-004.jpg  next thing I know, this lady is holding me, then they are gonna take me to the BACK! THE BACK! did I say they took me to THE BACK!

camera-012308-003.jpg Do my eyes look funny? My New name is LUCKY! Daddy says I can have my old name back in a few days.

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  • Annette on January 23, 2008

    Ron, Even though I dont have to say it, Thank You So Much for resucing these dogs. My heart goes out to all of them. I wish puppy mills were banned and there were more people like you. Your reward is unconditional Love here but your real reward is in Heaven. God Bless You!

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